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The Acting Book 

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Both a handbook and personal reflections by a real working actor, Blue-Collar Actor is as informative as it is entertaining. Ever thought of pursuing acting as a full-time career or as a means to earn some extra income? Want to get in the acting game as soon as possible? Want to be an actor, but don't want to go to drama school or move to Hollywood? This is the acting book for you. The author believes that as humans we are all already actors and offers his wisdom to get you working in front of the camera as soon as possible. In addition to covering the basics such as headshots, courting agents, and the importance (or lack thereof) of acting classes, the author writes from the heart, giving us an unfiltered, and sometimes shocking glimpse into the acting game. Let's just say it's not always picture-perfect. This is a must read for any actor starting out, looking to get work as soon as possible, and successfully navigate the business while keeping their sanity.


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