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Audition VS Casting. What is the difference?

Some may say they are one in the same. Others maintain they are vastly different. In my book, Blue-Collar Actor, I delve into this. See below for an excerpts from the Auditions chapter.

A Casting

One may associate that word with fishing, so here goes my mari- time analogy. In a casting, it’s not just one single rod being cast in the sea to lure a fish. Actually, the producers are casting a wide net to catch as many qualified fish as possible.

The role may not call for much. Perhaps they just want to see how you sound, move, and interact with other actors. A casting is generic, you’re supposed to be a mold of a familiar American type: The aging hunk, the girl next door, the soccer mom, the group of ladies on the town, the successful couple at a resort, a corpo-rate leader, a fitness lady. They want to match the brand they’re selling with the targeted demographic(s) that will likely buy the product or service. They like to keep it generic and watered-down so that the majority of viewers will connect with their television commercial. Once you know your type, you’ll do much better in the general casting process.

An Audition

This is the classic show business audition. This requires acting. And it’s not just for TV or film parts. Some commercials call for a level of acting that requires you to bring the goods as it were. The actor has to prepare, prepare some more, perform, and wow the powers that be in order to get the part. Your skill set should be an extensive one; know your lines, and have a deep understanding of the script and role before stepping into that audition.

Back to blog:

There is definitely some nuance there as is the case quite often in the life of an actor. My take is simply this: a casting does not require any immediate preparation. Sure, years of attending castings is an invaluable preparation that will do good by you as you enter do your thing for the casting director, but one can wing a casting. Just show up! But for an audition you must prepare, get extra familiar with the material, and KNOW YOUR LINES.

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