• Andy Guze

Christmas On South Beach

After hearing countless songs about Christmas songs about cold climates, I decided to make one about the hottest place on the planet; my home - South Beach. This little Christmas hip-hop/pop song is an homage to a beautiful city with beautiful women and beautiful weather. Thank you to the cast: the lovely Victoria Chirino, Santa Claus, and of course the reason for the season - Jesus (Fabian Hernandez). Thank you to the talented/lean crew that made this possible. Adrian Baschuk, Alex Alvarez, and Giovanni Mancini. Also, the stylist to Victoria, Diana Arnopolous of of the Mirazo line. And it all started with hearing the track by Kimbo Productions! You are dope! Please LIKE, SHARE, and comment and have an amazing Christmas. Remember, without the snow, you still slay Miami! Merry Christmas from South Beach :)



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